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http://www.turksheadreview.com/vinylessence/ve76.mp3 All Vinyl lineup this time, featuring the Cars, and a spotlight on The Warner Bros. Loss Leaders compilation: TROUBLEMAKERS. You’ll hear songs by The Sex Pistols, Urban Verbs, Marianne Faithful, Devo, The Buggles, Modern Lovers, and Gang of Four.

via Show #76: Punk and New Wave TROUBLEMAKERS — Vinyl Essence podcast


Academy Award for Decline of America, 2017

unreal country trapped in reality show fever dream administrations,

a golden wall of stupid with no exits, escape lanes blocked,

even the glitz distractions come to fuckup.

cue the clowns, ghosts, frauds, miscreants and posers

all the dumb asses stormed the stage, they own this show about nothing

why bother reading books, “how do you turn them on?”

we can’t even do envelopes right,

can’t even read the names of winners from a card.